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This is a tool for those who live a life with struggles that no one should ever have. It is created for them to be able to reach out with a wish that can make their own or someone they keep close day a little easier or maybe even with a glimpse of happiness. These wishes can then be answered by someone in the world who has the opportunity to also involve these people in their life.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdv09iPNafroTpkGewiEgYA or https://www.facebook.com/jarray.ahmed.9

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TIAFI (Team International Assistance for Integration or Uluslararası Yardımlaşma ve Entegrasyon Derneği in Turkish) is a non-profit grassroot organisation in Izmir. In 2017, TIAFI opened a large community centre in the multicultural and underprivileged Tepecik neighbourhood. With this centre, we – a group of Turkish, Syrian and other international people – aim to increase the empowerment, self-sufficiency and integration of vulnerable Syrian and Turkish families in Izmir.